My principal inspiration derives from the Pop Art Movement of the sixties and of « figuration narrative », a current which appeared at the same time. I also draw from “art brut”, or Outsider Art, and the naivety found in children’s drawings. Jean Dubuffet, Robert Combas and Jean-Michel Basquiat are some of the artists whom inspire my creations. My subjects are taken from everyday life in the city, the pictures broadcasted by mass-media, the graphic style of retro video games, theatre plays, fantastic cinema, among others. I often refer to art history and popular culture.

       My artworks are made from automatic drawings, dreams and memories, forming a sense of nostalgia. Animated movies and the underground comic book scene are important sources of inspirations for the fantasy images I create. Part of my artistic research includes the creation of graphic novels. My works are often socially engaging and showcase humorous and playful content. I prefer vivid colors and crazy pictures.  I have a special taste for the bizarre, the surreal and the absurd. I often listen to rhythmic music while creating and I think it influences the spirit of my drawings.

       I make large format paintings from series of drawings which I use as sketches. I then place these paintings in the context of installations that integrate photography, ceramics and video. My next large painting will depict a violent hockey scene.

       In the last nine years my practice has mostly concentrated on printed-based mediums as I am an active member of Graff studios in Montreal. I am also in the process of developing another puppet show, continuing printing with the silkscreen, woodcut and etching techniques.

Oasis, silkscreen, 10x13 inches, edition of 19, 2007


A Dream, watercolor, 5x7 inches, 2007

Arthur Desmarteaux Artist Statement :